Thursday 13 August 2009


The Cold End had a choice tonight of staying indoors to watch overpaid and overrated players on television with Mrs Cold End moaning she wants to watch Location, Location, Location or pop out to Coles Park, White Hart Lane to watch the game of the midweek Sport London E Benfica (SLEB)V Tokyngton Manor in the SSML Divsion One. I chose the 2nd option for an easy life and what an eventful game it was.

This was Sport's first game in their ground share at Haringey Borough and they entertained the previously Cold End mentioned Tokyngton Manor FC who posted an official attendance of 2 in their season opener on Saturday. Last season in a home game versus Buckingham Athletic the recorded official crowd was 1.

The team line ups for tonight were: Sport London 1) Ivan Viera 2) Chez Hayden 3) Afonson Ferreira 4) Emanuel Fletcher 5) James Bonsu 6) Martin Irungis 7) Ivo Barroso 8) Bruno Mondlane 9) Dani Da Conceicao 10) William Dos Santos 11) Djibrill Djalo Subs - Fernando Seidi, Simon Bisgarda (on after 10 mins), Andre Morris, Domingos Ferreira and Amir Khan (on at half time)

Tokyngton Manor FC 1) Jon Cardy 2) Russell Chandler 3) Dao Helmuit 4) Ben Tomlinson 5) Dean Thomas 6) Michael Williams 7) Gino Sufi 8) Anthony Bayele 9) Chris Ellis 10) Dan Owen 11) Steve Doreis Subs - Andy Watson (on at half time), David Adetule (on with 5 minutes left) and Simeon Hinds.

Both teams had lost on Saturday and must of been eager to open their league account. SLEB looked very professional warming up and within the first ten minutes Cardy in the TM goal had given away a penalty after upending Ivo Barroso who went off injured. The resulting spot kick by Bruno Mondlane went roughly down the centre of the goal and was well saved. TM then took the lead through Dan Owen who slotted the ball home after a cross from the left. Owen was about a foot taller than the whole of the SLEB back four. He had to leave the pitch for a cut to his head after about 20 minutes, He returned patched up about 5 minutes later.

Gino Sufi (the best player on the pitch) then made it 2-0 to TM with the best goal of the game from the edge of the box, Viera in the SLEB goal didn't stand a chance. Up until then it had been a pretty ordinary game, SLEB didn't keep the ball very well and too many passes went astray with their forward line not doing very much.

The game then sprung into life when Bruno Mondlane went in for a tackle with Dean Thomas who already had strapping to his knee. Some verbals appeared to be exchanged which the ref dealt with by giving the players a talking to.

Gino Sufi then hit the post and the crossbar within about 2 seconds of each, He was very unlucky not to make it 3-0. SLEB then raised their game and Djibrill Djalo looped a shot from outside the box over Cardy and it rebounded off the crossbar. It was shame the linesman had his flag up. Afonso Ferreira then made it 2-1 after a cross form the right went through a crowd of players and he nicked it in at the far post.


Dean Thomas made it 3-1 just after half time.

This is where the real fun began. Bruno Mondlane and Dean Thomas who were both big physical players got involved with each other in front of the main stand, Both appeared to raise their hands causing at least 10 people in the main stand to jump up and run down to the fence to remonstrate. The situation was calmed down and the referee spoke to his young assistant to figure out what had happened. According to most people watching both players deserved a red card to be brandished. The Cold End didn’t see the initial incident as he was reading a text Mrs Cold End had sent him about Location, Location, Location. The referee gave two yellows and got on with the game.

As the game went on two supporters of the female variety then began a shouting match and had to be virtually dragged apart whilst Andy Watson made it 4-1 for TM after a defensive error by SLEB.

It was now raining but the two ladies were still having a go at each other, they were now in the car park area with a group of about 10 blokes trying to sort it out. Most of the spectators were watching these events and not the game. Dean Thomas even walked off the pitch to make sure everything was okay, whilst this was going on the Tokyngton keeper and a SLEB forward got involved and another scuffle broke out, this time a full bench clearer with even the group of blokes and arguing young ladies running from the car park to behind the goal some even jumping over the fence onto the pitch.

Order was finally restored after about 30 seconds and the referee gave Cardy a Card, sending him off with a red one. Dean Thomas was subbed and accompanied his team-mate down the tunnel. The two ladies who had been shouting at each other then started up again.

The final whistle was blown with one of the SLEB subs stating 'that was the sh**est game i've ever seen' (he obviously hadn't seen Town play last season at Hillingdon in the Cup)and the referee commenting 'It wasn't pretty out there.'


Not the best of game but it was never going to be advert for the beautiful game, entertainment wise it was brilliant. SLEB need to get some ideas going forward as they didn't look good up front today, Tokyngton's Gino Sufi who only played the first 45 minutes looking the best player on the pitch.

Sport London are sharing at Haringey all season, their midweek games are played on a Wednesday. It's only £3 to get in and I recommend you pay them a visit if your free and bored (some would say boring) like I did for some good entertainment which is far better than watching England on telly. Non-League is the way forward.

Coles Park bar serves you beer in cans which reminded me of being 14/15 years old again, sitting in a park thinking your parents didn't have a clue what you was up to getting hammered.

The Cold End's unofficial crowd figure - 70-80. Official Crowd - 30

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