Monday 11 November 2019


Luton based BROADWALK PINES UNITED made comfortable progress through to the FA Sunday Cup Third Round yesterday as they won 8-1 against AFC LINKS of the Leatherhead and District Sunday League Division Three. 

The home side (the game was played at Arlesey Town FC) of the North Home Counties Sunday League Premier Division scored four goals in each half - they had chances to score a few more and make it into double figures as it was an afternoon to forget for the visitors. 

Nathan Frater (who plays on Saturdays for AFC Dunstable) netted a hat-trick with Liam Brooks (Biggleswade Town) scoring twice. 


GOALS (Pines 2nd goal not captured on camera)



Sunday 6 October
Flaunden 2-1 Larkspur Rovers 
Canada 3-2 BRNESC 
Lobster 2-3 Campfield
Pineapple 4-3 AFC Bull + tie awarded to AFC Bull 
(Pineapple have been removed from competition for playing an ineligible player)
Dawdon Colliery Welfare 1-5 Greenside
Oakenshaw 0-11 Home Bargains 
Kensington Fields 0-4 Mayfair 
Queens Park 2-4 Dock AFC
Dengo United 1-3 Linthwaite 
Quarry Green 4-4 Main Line Social (AET) Main Line Social FC won 5-4 PKS
Custys 1-2 Western Avenue 
FC Dovecot 6-2 LIV Supplies 
Huyton Cons 6-0 West Bowling AFC
Long Whatton 2-3 Attenborough Cavaliers 
RHP Sports & Social 0-5 Crusader AFC
Sporting Dynamo 3-6 AFC Dowhan (AET) 
FC Poplar 4-2 Sileby Athletic 
AFC Jacks 6-2 Austin Ex Apprentices  (AET) 
Black Horse (Redditch) 2-1 Digby Rangers 
Callow End 3-4 Sportsman 
Waggon &a Horses 0-5 Perrywood AFC
Chaddesley Ravens 1-7 Codsall Legion 
Hampton Sunday 0-5 OJM 
Shire United 3-0 Reed Rangers 
Rectory Rovers 4-4 AFC Links (AET) AFC Links won 9-8 PK's 
Global (Sunday) 1-5 Asianos 
Lambeth All Stars 5-0 Priest Hill
Sauce 0-7 Mile End Baiteze Squad 
Putney Town 0-6 Portland 
Harrow Sports 4-2 Hashtag United (Sunday) 
Massie Warriors 0-6 Gym United 
Bishops Stortford Swifts Sunday 1-3 Priory Sports 
Brewery Tap 1-4 Broadwalk Pines United 
Crawley Green (Sunday) 2-1 Caddington Social
St Josephs (Luton) 2-1 Club Lewsey 
Talbot Rangers 3-2 Loch & Quay 
The Brow 3-0 Allerton (AET)
Heritage United 1-6 Old Southall 
Highgate Albion 3-2 Blacksmiths

Sunday 13th October  
Billingham The Merlin 1-5 Witton Park Rose & Crown 
Crossflatts Village FC 1-2 WHTDSOB 
Newton Aycliffe Iron Horse 2-1 Boro Walkers 
Burradon & New Fordley 2-2 Peterlee Catholic Club (AET)
Peterlee Catholic Club won 4-3 on PK's 
Oyster Martyrs 11-1 Wellington Westgate 
Armley CCFC 1-3 Kirkdale 
NLO A-A FC Bentons - tie abandoned due to misconduct - subject to FA investigation 
Falcons 4-2 Skew Bridge 

Sunday 20 October 
Mottram 2-6 HT Sports 
Shepherds Arms 11-2 Bolton Woods 
Anstey Sports Bar 7-1 Phoenix Gedling 
Oadby Athletic 3-4 Long Eaton TNI 
AFC Portchester (Sunday) 2-4 Rudgwick Panthers SX 

Sunday 27 October 
Melling Victoria 3-1 Kent 
Rolls Royce 0-3 FC Lion

Bransty Rangers W-O Blackhall Cricket Club 
East Christchurch SSC  W-O Broadwater
Barnes AFC W-O Sporting Club de Mundial FC
Palmers  W - O Barnes Albion FC
Messingham Junior Trinity  W-O Wigston Willow FC
Joker W-O Joeys Old Boys 
Norton George & Dragon  W-O Stella Dons FC 
FC Walkers Hounds W-O Leeds City Rovers


Sunday 10 November 
Canada 0-1 Oyster Martyrs 
Peterlee Catholic Club 17-1 Messingham Junior Trinity 
Dock AFC 4-3 HT Sports (AET) 
Campfield 2-0 The Brow 
WHTDSOB 3-2 Huyton Cons 
Shepherds Arms 4-3 Kirkdale 
Home Bargains 6-1 Linthwaite 
Melling Victoria 3-1 Main Line Social
Long Eaton TNI 2-1 AFC Dowhan
Crusader AFC 7-0 FC Poplar
Broadwalk Pines United 8-1 AFC Links
Priory Sports 10-3 Asianos 
Highgate Albion 5-2 Palmers FC
Sporting Club de Mundial  6-1 Old Southall 
Falcons 0-3 St Josephs (Luton) 
Talbot Rangers 5-1 Sportsman 
Norton George & Dragon 3-6 FC Dovecot
Blackhall Cricket Club 0-1 Western Avenue (AET)
OJM 5-1 Codsall Legion 
Harrow Sports 1-2 Portland 
Wixams Wanderers (Sundays) 4-3 Gym United  
Mayfair 2-1 Newton Aycliffe Iron Horse 

To be played
Greenside v Witton Park Rose & Crown
Shire United v Mile End Baiteze Squad 
Rudgwick Panthers SX v East Christchurch SSC
Flaunden v Crawley Green (Sunday) 
Black Horse (Redditch) vAnstey Sports Bar 
Joker FC v FC Lion
Birstall Stamford v AFC Jacks
Perrywood AFC v Attenborough Cavaliers 

FC Walkers Hound W-O AFC Bull walkover for FC Walkers Hounds 
(AFC Bull withdrawn - subject to appeal)

The draw for the Third Round will be made later today. 

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