Thursday, 19 August 2010


Edgware Town vacated the White Lion Ground in 2008, subsequently dropping out of the Ryman League remaining dormant ever since. Despite rumours circulating of a return in either the SSMFL or the Hertfordshire County League for the 2010/11 season the club still have no team and no home ground to play on. The White Lion Ground, which was a fantastic stadium to watch football at, being a favourite of many non-league supporters, still stood (albeit derelict) up until a few weeks ago when the main stand and clubhouse were demolished.

The stadium which saw Steve Newing and Del Deanus's team complete an unprecedented SSMFL treble in 2006/2007 along with numerous other legends gracing the hallowed turf is now, like so many other stadiums in London, sadly consigned to the history books and the happy memories of those who played and watched the beautiful game at the White Lion Ground.

Here is what the ground looked like when the cold end visited this week :

The old turnstiles and ground entrance

Looking through the turnstiles where you would of seen the clubhouse and back of the main stand. Now just rubble!!

Looking across with the pitch overgrown and graffiti displayed on the far stand

What was the goalmouth and terrace to the right of the main stand

Across to the left hand side of the main stand.

Looking from afar across where the main stand once proudly stood over to the pitch and far stand


  1. Sad, a really nice ground just wasting away.

  2. Nice place to dry your wahing now though !

  3. I had a look at the ground from the outside a few weeks back but a Polish security guard, from premier Inn, tried to tell me that I couldn't walk through their car park! He called the police who then found me standing at the top, on ground owned by whoever now owns the ground's property! Believe it or not, despite there being no gate or signs requesting no trespassing the Cops asked me to leave!


  4. I was proud supporter of Edgware Town in the late 60's/early 70's. It is so sad to see what has happened here.

    Grand memories of those days.

  5. Use to climb on the old bill boards opposite the ground where the Dixon's building was built as a kid 59 years ago to watch. Helped run a youth team there and my son played on the ground
    So sad to see this happen as I would have thought that a football pitch and club was needed as much now as it was then
    David Webber

  6. I really want to get this team up and running again but it is very difficult to find out who now owns the land! Many people and sponsers are interested and there is a strong future in the local lads just dying to signing up. Any help would be fantasic.

    1. Kingsbury Town's ground is begging for a football team once again. I would have thought that these two old north west London clubs could combine their resources sufficiently to provide an attractive proposition for the heavily populated surrounding area.
      Kingsbury's ground is pretty well appointed these days and would provide, at least the standard of facilities, offered at the old WHITE LION ground.
      I played and watched football at both of these venues in the 50's & 60's and think it very sad that so much has gone for no good reason.
      John Jeffers

  7. As a Barnet supporter, I saw Jimmy Greaves score on this ground in an FA Cup match. Very sad to see it now. And with Barnet moving to the Hive nearby I am loosing my club too.

  8. Sad to see the ground derelict. I remember going with my uncle & cousin who use to live in the Methuen Avenue, to see Edgware play Ampthill Town circa 1979. Still got the programme!

    1. My memory of the ground and Edgware Town FC is of a large lady we used to call Yorkshire Fanny sitting on a chair near the half way line yelling out boot the ball "