Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Enfield Borough FC are trying to raise money to buy a minibus to help the team get to and from sporting events. They are looking to raise around £4,000 with donations via Just Giving - If you know of any local businesses looking to sponsor a club please get in touch with the club via twitter - @EnfieldBoroFC

Last season the cost of travelling to games was one of the club's biggest expenses because they regularly hired a minibus to travel sometimes up to 50 miles away. 

A minibus is their best mode of travel but the cost of hiring one may not sustainable for them. If they can buy their own minibus it will put the club in a much better place financially. 

They will also use the minibus to drop kids home from community projects that they plan to organise and it will allow their players and volunteers to become even more active within our local community

The club has become very important to young people in the local North London area. They want to reach more people in the community but also need be financially stable so they will be here for many years to come. 

Below is some information on why they started Enfield Borough FC. 
Enfield Borough FC is club formed to address the number of young people at risk of social deprivation within the local community. Our mission is to create a safe, positive and supportive environment for young people; particularly those who may be disengaged, lack social mobility or at risk of engaging in criminal activity. Here at Enfield Borough FC, we believe that being part of a team can give young people much needed structure and consistency that is often missing in their lives. It can allow young people to feel part of a community, increase their self -esteem and enable them to create positive outcomes for themselves, with the support of dedicated adults they can trust and more importantly, relate to. The club consists of positive role models committed to the success and well-being of the young people. Passionate not only about raising aspirations, the club is also keen to dispel negative views and stereotypes that some young people may have about themselves and the opportunities available to them.

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