Tuesday, 11 August 2015


FC Highgate are another new club formed for this coming season. They will compete in the Middlesex County Football League Division One (Central and East). The Cold End caught up with their player/chairman who is only eighteen year old and called Charles Nichol - 

Why have FC Highgate formed? Whats the history of the club? 
The main reason why I wanted to form FC Highgate was because I had a lot of talented friends who have never really got the chance to play football at the highest level I believe they can play at. Hopefully with the formation of FC Highgate it will assist them to aspire to play to the highest level.

Are all the players local to Highgate? 

Most of the players live near Highgate in areas like Muswell Hill, North Finchley and Kentish Town but some others live a little bit further away in Hackney for example.

Any players in the team with experience at a higher level? 
A couple of he players have played for the Boreham Wood FC academy and one have also played for Southend United and Bromley FC.

Where will you play? 

At the moment we are finding it hard to find a home pitch but are actively looking.

What are the aims for the team in the next few seasons? 

The aim for us as a club and as team is to try to  get promoted in the first season if we can. In the future we would want the club to move up the leagues and into the semi professional game. 

How can (and what can) the FA improve football in the lower leagues over the next few seasons? 
Help the lower grass roots clubs with the cost of everything which is very currently very high and also invest in improving pitches. Maybe  also make the lower leagues more recognised and publicised.

How will you play - Long ball or play nice passing footy?

We like to play passing football but when we have to use the long ball we will use that tactic. We will prefer to play on the ground.

Good luck to Charles and all at FC Highgate for the forthcoming season. You can follow the team on twitter @FcHighgate

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