Wednesday, 17 June 2015



After 25 years of stagnation following legal battles with our landowners, Hitchin Town FC are launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds for rebuilding our Top Field stadium to provide a sustainable community football club for future generations of our town.
For over a decade, the club has been battling it's landowners, the Hitchin Cow Commoners Trust who wanted to relocate the club to an out of town site and permit a Property Developer to build a supermarket on the site at Top Field, which as well as being disastrous for our supporters, would have been detrimental to local independent businesses and the livelihoods of those who own and work in them.

In December 2014, over 1500 people turned out for a protest march to demonstrate against the actions of the landowners. There is no doubt the message the protest march sent out was instrumental in affecting the decision of the developer not to proceed with a planning application and the great news is that we now have a twenty five year lease that does not expire until 2039.

Stage two of the campaign now begins in earnest.

The current state of the facilities at Top Field is no longer acceptable and with a long lease now secured the opportunity is there to start regenerating the stadium. It is essential we now move forward after 25 years of stagnation and the uneven battle to keep plugging holes that has been the nature of our fight to keep the current stadium in a useable condition must now be replaced by the need to rebuild Top Field and move the club in to the 21st century.

We are raising funds to help us rebuild Top Field and are looking for donations from as little as £1 to help preserve this historic football club for future generations. The Crowdfunder site will go live at 6.00pm on Friday 19 June and the target is to raise as much as possible. The link for the Crowdfunder site will appear on the club website on Friday evening when the site goes live.

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