Thursday 19 March 2015


Should Crawley Green have been given a penalty kick in the second half for this foul given outside the box
Crawley Green edged past Codicote after extra time and kicks from the penalty mark in the Spartan South Midlands League Division One Cup on Tuesday evening. "Penalties" was definitely the word of the evening as the visitors were given a hotly contested spot-kick just prior to half time which they scored to make it 0-1 at the break. The Cod Army got back into the game with a free kick from right outside the box which made the score 1-1. There was a controversial moment in the second half when Crawley could or should of been awarded another spot-kick when their player was adjudged to have been fouled inside the box but the referee gave the free kick just outside. Was it a foul though? Have a check on the video from 6m 13secs. Overall a 1-1 draw was a fair result after 120 minutes and the game went to penalties.  

The above pictures are by no means a criticism of the referee or his assistants as The Cold End has always been a supporter of the Respect campaign - there was one point in the second half when two opposing players were rather foolish and pushed each other, that in the Premier League would of probably seen two red cards given, but he saw sense and gave the players a telling off and that was it - they got on with the game.  

The kicks went to sudden death and when Codicote missed their kick on the seventh round two Crawley players celebrated a bit too early (as you'll see from the headline) including the player who had to take the next kick to win the game which, thankfully for him, he scored to send his team into the final. 

Crawley Green will play Welwyn Garden City in the final on a date and venue to be decided. The Citizens beat Bedford 0-2 away in their game on Wednesday evening. 

including the goals scored and the penalty kicks 

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