Thursday 31 March 2011


Those supporters who attended the reserve game on Tuesday night at Goldsdown Road saw a great match full of goals in which Ram Ismail's side ran out 5-2 winners against a Hawks side who included Daniel Brown (not the same Danny Brown who was Captain in the first team game against Enfield Town on the 1st January as I previously wrote on the cold now the Hawk's fans now have another song - "There's only two Danny Browns etc etc!!), Lawrie Stewart who has been a regular in the first team this season and Reece Dobson who impressed against Enfield Town in the games against the Hawks last season. Town included Richard Morton and Joe Stevens along with Phil Kane and new signing Aaron Cato who showed some good touches especially in the second half. Harlow's number 12 on the team sheet prompted one quick witted supporter to ask "Is he Brazilian??", as he was listed with only one name - Harry.

                 Line ups
Kemal Ozyasa        1  Jayden Purdue
Tyler Christian-Law 2  Joe Jordan
Phil Kane (c)       3  Reece Dobson
Izci Eren           4  Lawrie Stewart
Ena Uadie           5  Daniel Brown
Kadeem Brightly     6  Anthony Jones (16)
Aaron Cato          7  Mark Cowley 
Richard Morton      8  Peter Burdiss 
Volkan Calcalioglu  9  Leon Antoine
Joe Stevens         10 Michael Ryan 
Tremayne Coley      11 Chris Muir 
Byron Bubb          12 Harry 
Jey Siva            14 Jim McClelland 
Emmanuel Obusa      15 Sean Stock 
-                   16 Sergio Djamins 

The cold end was once again impressed with Ena Uadie at centre back who played well in the Enfield FC 1893 game a few weeks back along with Tremayne Coley (who is only 16 years old I believe) who put in a good performance on the left hand side in the first half. Tyler Christian-Law at right back also had a good match and took his goal with a strike from outside the box. If Aaron Cato gets a chance in the first team I think he may become a fan's favourite with his tricks and flicks....could be a really good impact player coming off the bench!

The reserves are at home to Aveley/Romford next Tuesday (which will you choose - Real Madrid v Spurs on the telly or Goldsdown Road??) before making the trip to The Mill Field on the 20th April.

For those of you who missed the game check out the highlights below which includes all the goals. The only thing the cold end missed was Aaron Cato's brilliant shot in the second half from just outside the box which was excellently saved by the Hawk's keeper -

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