Wednesday, 24 July 2013


On Saturday 24th July 2009 the first post on "The Cold End" was written and today we can celebrate four years of the website which has developed into one being dedicated to non-league football in North London, Hertfordshire and beyond with a slight bias towards the club I follow - Enfield Town Football Club.

So this is just a quick word to say thank-you for your support in reading the articles and watching the highlights I produce. Over 330,000 people have visited the website which I'm very chuffed with and this shows there is a healthy interest in English Non-League Football across the world.

The Cold End will continue to hopefully grow as an independent website with no adverts (I have not made any money from's a labour of love for me!) and carry on being of interest to you for years to come.

Thanks to you all but most of all thanks to Mrs Cold End for putting up with me and my interest (she'd probably say obsession!) in non-league football.

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