Monday, 6 April 2020


In the next of the series of "The Cold End meets" we catch up with Michael Kiely who is the chairman/secretary of NEW CROSS ROVERS who are a newly formed Sunday League side based in South London for next season. Micheal will also be called upon as a back up goalkeeper when required.  

What's your footballing history? 
Throughout my youth I was in and out of the academy system but unfortunately didn’t make the grade. I then went off to University in Southampton and played a bit there. Upon return to London I joined "Woolwich 90" in Woolwich and Eltham Sunday Football League and played a few games. I then decided I wanted to start my own Sunday side. 

Being from the New Cross area you must all be Millwall fans? 
We have a few Millwall fans in the squad, I am actually a Manchester United fan! I do follow The Lions and have been to some of their games when I can 0 I would love to see them in the Premier League. They were doing well before the season was stopped - It will be interesting to see how they bounce back when it resumes. 
(Millwall were eighth in the Championship and only two points off the play-off places)

How did the formation of New Cross Rovers come about? 
So I was playing for "Woolwich 90" and thought I could make my own team as I know many players that want to get back in to football. I called upon my friend Harry Carter who coached my team in University and my other friend Charlie who was the assistant manager of Woolwich 90 at the time. We then called upon our friends Shane (skipper) and Harry G (vice skipper) who both played for Woolwich 90 at the time. Between the five of us we recruited a team, consisting of lads from the area, a handful of players from one of our old sides (Borussia BrixtonGladbach) and players we have played with throughout our playing time. 

Where will you play your home games?
We will be playing at St Mary’s Rec in Orpington. Although it is a fair way from New Cross we really like what they are doing over there. They have started to renovate the clubhouse there and it’s really starting to take shape. Have to give a shout out to Lee and his Orpington Eagles lads who are doing amazing work down there.

What are your aims for the team next season? 
As a new side we don’t want to aim too high to quickly. For our first season we want to build the foundations and get a system in place. However, we all want to do well and will challenge for any trophy put in front of us. The lads are hungry and want to do well so will be exciting to see how we get on. 

What's the best thing about Sunday football? 
Playing with your friends in a competitive environment. There is nothing better than battling for a win alongside your mates. 

What's Worst thing about Sunday football? 
Last minute let downs! We have only played as a team for three games but have had a couple of these so far. Nothing more frustrating than setting out a line up and a plan for it to be disrupted on the morning of the game. In fairness, I have done it before as player and I’m sure most have so I can’t be too harsh about it. 

What's the one rule you would change to make football better? 
At the professional level I would get rid of VAR. I haven’t been a fan of it since it has come in. It has really taken a lot of out of the game in my opinion. At a grassroots level I can’t think of any rules to change.

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