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The Cold End is a big supporter and fan of the Football Blogging Awards and it was a proud moment being nominated for the 2014 Best Established Football Blog and the 2013 Best Non-League Blog - To find out who won what at the FBA's for 2016 please click here.

However, as there has been no non-league award since 2013 I thought it would be good to give some of the amazing non-league websites there are out a mention. There are many being written by many wonderful football fans across the country. If I haven't mentioned one that you know I apologise - please add it to the comments section below.  
So, in no particular order here is the list - 

Townsend Around - "Independent football writing with a definite Non League bias, as featured by When Saturday Comes, Late Tackle Magazine, the Non League Paper, the Non League Magazine, and all good Sussex newspapers. South East correspondent for, occasional reporter for BBC Radio Sussex" - Always worth a read and a follow on twitter - @townsendaround

Modus Hopper Random - One of my favourite football blogs - Hertfordshire resident Graham Yapp writes about his random visits to grounds up and down the country and his travels abroad.

Twitter - @GrahamYapp

David Bauckham - Centre Circle Publishing - When it comes football photography David has to be rated as one of the best around. His photo essays on his visits to football clubs are insightful and quite simply amazing. Twitter - @CentreCirclePub

Two Men In Search Of The Beautiful Game - Spurs fan Daniel and Arsenal fan Tom write on their brilliant website - "Like many fans, the both of us have become disillusioned with the top flights apparent only goal to become bigger and richer, and by doing this is killing the atmosphere in it's wake. We are both ex season ticket holders who have been priced out of following our teams, and are saddened by the apparent loss of that all important connection between a club and it's supporters. We hope by exploring the lower league's in the UK, as well as those in other countries, that we will rediscover that supporter - club relationship, enjoy the atmosphere and match day together. Hopefully with out breaking the bank at £60 a ticket!" - There articles, pictures and videos are always worth a read and watch. I'm sure they are not the only fans who have been priced out of top flight football as many people are turning to their local non-league club. Twitter - @BeautifulGame15

The Ball Is Round - One of the best football blogs over the last few years with lots of articles on the non-league game to the Champions League. AKA Stuart Fuller the Chairman of Ryman Division One (South) club Lewes. Twitter - @theballisround

The 66 pow - Another fantastic blog on travels around various non-league grounds. Twitter - @THE66POW

Laurence Reade - Some great pictures and articles from grounds up and down the country. Twitter - @Laurencereade

Game of The People - Flying the flag for football as it should be played. Twitter - @GameofthePeople

Non League Live - NLL broadcasts live commentary of games up and down the country. For example this week they have had Kingstonian v Wingate and Finchley on Monday evening followed by Chesham United v Hitchin Town on Tuesday and North Shields v Bishop Auckland tonight. A brilliant idea that I hope can grow and develop over the next few seasons. Twitter - @nonlgelive

Two Hundred Percent - Consistently one of the best football websites around. Fantastic writing on all things from the football league to non-league. Twitter - @twoht

The Onion Bag - "Travels around non-league and rugby grounds" - Some great photos from various non-league grounds. Twitter - @TheOnionBag1

The Saturday Boy - There are some superb images of the game on this brilliant website. "My dad took me to my first game when I was 6. Barnsley Reserves. I spent more time collecting straws off the West Stand terrace than watching the game. But something made an impression on that young lad. Barnsley Football Club. MY football club. It's not mine because I'm a rich director. It's mine because it's in my heart. And thousands more hearts all around the globe. With my images of football I try to capture what we. The fans see. And I try to capture the spirit of the beautiful game as i think it should be seen. A Game for the working classes. Whoever your club.". Twitter - @IDPimages

Non-League Oracle Dedicated to Non League football for news, interviews & opinions on the game. Twitter - @nonleagueoracle

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