Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Blackburn Town Football Club are one of the newest fan's formed clubs being founded in 2014. Their web-page states - 

"Blackburn Town FC is a new football club, founded in 2014 by Blackburn Rovers supporters who want to create a democratically-run community club. We are a club that is run by its members, is forward-looking and non-profit making.

While we take some inspiration from the success of clubs such as AFC Wimbledon, and while we are a fans' club, we are not a protest group and do not have any formal associations with Blackburn Rovers FC. While we hope many Rovers supporters adopt us as their "second club", we do not wish to take support away from Rovers. We are Rovers fans at heart and always will be.

We are simply inspired to establish a new football club that, while following in the traditions of Blackburn Rovers in terms of facilitating community participation, marks a departure from the way Rovers has been run in recent years. We aspire to become a model of how a democratically-run football club can benefit and serve the local community.

In a hectic first few weeks, our energies have been focused on creating the structure of the new club. However, in the longer-term, we have ambitious plans. We have a vision to be the premier non-league football club in Blackburn, and we hope to apply to play in the North West Counties Football League in 2015/16.

As a not-for-profit organisation, every penny invested in the club will be used to develop the club and enable us to fulfil our vision. We also hope to be instrumental in raising money for local charities.

In order for us to be successful, we need the support of our community and members. Membership costs £10 and allows you the opportunity to become an owner and shape the club's future.

The club's board will be democratically elected by its members at a date in the near future."

Town have played one game to date being a friendly game against Arden United which they won by an amazing score line of 13-4. Town have a number of friendly games arranged including Chorley Athletic (away) on Saturday 5th July, Mostonians FC (away) on Saturday 19th July, Lytham Town (away) on Saturday 2nd August and Unicorn Athletic (away) on Saturday 9th August. They will play in the Mid Lancashire Football League for the 2014/15 season with a view to progress upwards for the 15/16 campaign.  

The Cold End welcomes Blackburn Town to the non-league football family and has to say any club with an ethos towards their local community is a welcome addition.

You can find out more information on becoming a member on their website at blackburntown.co.uk or follow the fortunes of the new club on twitter @BlackburnTownFC

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